How we helped Tempest Minerals grow their shareholder base whilst navigating complex market conditions

"The insights and analytics provided by Fresh Amplify enables us to continue to grow our shareholder base despite difficult market conditions"
Don Smith, MD of Tempest Minerals

Tempest Minerals uses Fresh to support their capital markets strategy

Tempest Minerals is a Western Australia-based exploration company that has a diverse range of projects, including energy metals, precious metals, and base metals.

With macro-economic conditions requiring Tempest Minerals' team to undertake strategic adjustments, the executive team were wanting to ensure that they had clear capital markets signals to help guide their strategic decision-making process and their communications strategy.

Identifying signals amongst the noise

Tempest Minerals used Fresh Amplify to support their successful navigation of tricky capital markets conditions, and in doing so, were able to consistently grow their shareholder base. Amplify's shareholder analytics made it significantly easier for the Tempest Minerals management team to get a detailed summary of their capital markets health at a glance.

The investor relations strategy also benefited as a result of Fresh Amplify, with management able to utilise detailed shareholder analytics as a means of enriching their understanding of each shareholder. With an enriched understanding, Tempest was able to communicate and engage with its shareholders more effectively.

"For us, having Fresh to help us in our capital markets strategy was akin to a pilot having a navigator. With highly-accessible analytics that enabled us to understand our health at-a-glance and detailed shareholder information, we were able to implement an effective investor relations strategy that enabled us to grow our shareholder base." Don Smith, MD of Tempest Minerals.

Tempest navigating capital markets with Fresh

"Enabling Tempest Minerals to adopt a data-driven approach to capital markets strategy was a highlight of 2021. Seeing the growth of their shareholder base over time in spite of macro-economic conditions showcased to the market how effective data and insights can be in capital markets strategy." Kevin Xu, Associate Director at Fresh

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