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Amplify makes it easy to communicate with investors and raise capital.
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Our clients have unlocked millions in untapped investor demand


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Take control with data

"For the first time, a platform has allowed me as CEO to interact, communicate and market to my own shareholders in a simple & easy to use way.

I am very impressed with the product and have recommended it to other CEOs."

Iggy Tan
Managing Director of Altech Chemicals

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Increase investor demand without the middleman

Take control of shareholder data

Separate the signals from the noise with shareholder analytics that measures and analyses investor demand for capital raisings in real-time.

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Grow demand & protect dilution

Fresh Amplify offers a comprehensive suite of investment relations tools to help you attract new shareholders and retain existing shareholders through one investor relations platform.

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Raise capital without the fees

No-fee capital raising combined with accurate raise modelling reduces the cost of capital and creates predictable market outcomes for your company.

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Increase shareholder engagement

Rogue anonymous keyboard warriors become a thing of the past with the interactive and customisable Investor Hub listing, bringing the online shareholder discussion into an infrastructure you can control.

Raise capital with confidence

Accurately forecast your current capital raise potential using an investment model that is built off the back of 2,000+ capital raises.

Tools to help your business grow its share price & raise capital

Monitor shareholder growth in real-time, enrich your shareholder market data, and increase shareholder conviction in your company.

Real-time shareholder and market growth monitoring

Shareholder data enrichment

Optimised shareholder onboarding

Raise capital without the sell-off

Reap the benefits of optimised shareholder engagement with placements, entitlement offers, and SPPs through Fresh Amplify. With accurate raise predictions and no investment transaction fee, raising capital through Amplify lets you have your cake and eat it too.

"Fresh Amplify gave us a deeper understanding of our shareholder base at scale and was able to show us, through data and evidence, that we could raise the required funds solely through a shareholder offer."
Daniel Tillett
CSO & Executive Director at Race Oncology
How it works

Know, grow, and capture investor demand


Connect to your registry

Amplify is compatible with companies on Boardroom, Automic, and Computershare.


Dedicated customer success

All Amplify customers have a dedicated Customer Success manager for your team.


Monitor & grow monthly

Tools to help you increase your share price via investor relations and shareholder engagement.


Raise capital without the fee

Raise sticky capital when you need it with no additional company fees from Fresh Amplify.


Can I trial the software?

Due to contractual requirements, we cannot offer free trials of our capital raising and investor relations software. However, if you are not satisfied with Fresh Amplify after one month, we'll terminate the contract and issue a refund to your business.

Can I raise via a broker or other third party?

Absolutely! We recognise that a sound capital markets strategy can require businesses to use placements via brokers. We're even happy to recommend some capital raising brokers and capital advisory services that will suit your business needs.

Can I use this alongside my IR firm?

IR professionals love Fresh Amplify in the same way that accountants and bookkeepers love Xero. Fresh Amplify gives your IR team the tools to do a proper valuation of their impact.

What is a Capital Markets Management System?

A Capital Markets Management System (CMMS) provides a data-driven backbone to capital markets strategy, enabling you to measure shareholder engagement and optimise your investor relations strategy in order to scale your shareholder base, decrease shareholder selling pressure, and raise more capital from sticky company shareholders.

Why should I use a capital raising platform?

Fresh Amplify helps companies leverage the entire capital raising cycle in order to maximise their capital potential and minimise post-raise selloffs. Amplify has helped companies in Australia access millions of dollars in latent capital via the Investor Hub, which collects shareholder and prospective investor data and identifies high net worth investors within your company registry.

Does capital raising software actually work?

Yes! A notable capital raise that Fresh Amplify supported was Race Oncology’s oversubscribed $29.7m SPP in 2021. You can view the case study here.

How secure is Fresh Amplify?

Fresh Amplify works closely with your shareholder registry to ensure your data privacy remains on-par with that of your business registry. In other words, if you trust your registry, then you can trust Fresh Amplify with investor relations and raising capital for your finance needs (view more).

I need to raise capital soon, can Fresh help?

A large percentage of our customers have raised capital within weeks of signing up to Fresh Amplify. We can help maximise your short-term capital requirements whilst simultaneously strengthening long-term business capital needs.

Isn't this what my shareholder registry does?

Fresh provides more data and insights than a typical shareholder registry to give you the signals and tools to grow your share price and raise capital.

Think of Fresh Amplify as a support service to complement your registry, broker, IR/PR, and capital raising team.

Who should use Fresh Amplify for raising capital?

Fresh Amplify is for ASX-listed companies and their vendors, including IR and Company Secretary services (if they are outsourced) in Australia.

Management teams and advisory boards love Amplify because it provides a data-driven approach to capital markets strategy.

IR teams love Fresh Amplify because it enables them to reach and engage company shareholders.

CoSecs love Fresh Amplify because it enables companies to discount the cost of capital for private shareholders.

What is a capital raising strategy?

At Fresh Amplify, we subscribe to the notion that raising capital is a multi-year task and is not limited to the weeks that the actual raise takes place.

A capital raising strategy, therefore, leverages the cyclic nature of raising capital to provide a long-term structure to the capital raising process.

Capital raising in Australia typically includes a focus on growing your shareholder base, increasing shareholder conviction, a well-timed raise, and allocating to sticky investors.

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