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Take control of your governance with unparallelled shareholder transparency
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Tools that unlock potential

Fresh provides the tools to enable companies to overcome obstacles that traditionally hinder capital markets strategy.

Balance capital and dilution

The balancing act of raising capital and protecting dilution is difficult. Fresh provides the tools to optimise that balancing act.

Unlock retail engagement

Effectively reaching and engaging retail investors is a challenge for many companies. Fresh's retail tools fills the knowledge gap.

Stay on the front foot

Many existing shareholder reports don't provide information until it's too late. Prevent sell-offs with top shareholder tracking tools.

How Fresh helps boards


Maximise shareholder value

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Raise capital from sticky investors and minimise dilution with the Fresh CMMS.


Reach and engage retail

Fresh demystifies retail by providing tools to efficiently reach and engage retail investors.

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Protect top shareholders

Shareholder movement notifications and secure access to shareholder information to make top shareholder management a breeze.

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I am impressed on how easy it is to view data and the simplicity of the layout and detail it provides.

Zeff Reeves | Managing Director of
Tesoro Gold

Increase investor demand without the middleman

Take control of shareholder data

Separate the signals from the noise with an investor demand dashboard that measures your investor demand in real-time

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Grow demand & protect dilution

Fresh offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help you attract new shareholders and retain existing shareholders.

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Raise capital without the fees

No-fee capital raising combined with accurate raise forecasting mitigates risk whilst reducing the cost of capital.

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The tools that help solve your
biggest challenges

Shareholder dilution

Our tools help you ensure shareholder value is protected during capital raises.

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Engaging retail effectively

Fresh give you the tools that allow you to influence retail investment decisions.

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Capital certainty

Plan for capital raises with the certainty provided by our capital prediction algorithm.

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Stop sell-offs (coming soon)

Capital raising technology that identifies and prioritises the sticky investors for allocation.

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Share price momentum

Don't lose share price momentum ever again with a suite of tools to support growth.

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Market penetration

We get the importance of new investors and offer a range of acquisition tools.

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