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When it comes to registry analysis, Amplify takes care of the grunt work to provide you with actionable insights into your shareholder base and individual investors.
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Shareholder insights updated daily

With Amplify, overwhelming registry reports are a thing of the past. Let us take care of shareholder analysis and trend identification, you just read the summaries.


Daily registry analysis to identify insights


If it's not important, you won't see it


Combines with Hub data to provide further insight

Enrich your shareholder data

With the Investor Relationship Management (IRM) tool, you can see your investors in unparalleled detail, view their trading history, understand their P&L position, and view their Hub behaviour.

Segment and triage your shareholders

Segment your shareholders by an ever-increasing number of variables, including investor type (e.g. broker vs. retail), holding length, risk of churn, profitability, reachability, and holding behaviour.

With Amplify high-impact investor marketing decisions are as simple as clicking a button.

The insights and guidance you need to grow investor demand

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Daily registry analysis

Amplify connects to your registry to run daily analyses of your shareholder data.

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Priority insights

Not every insight is important. Amplify only gives you the insights that will help you grow investor demand.

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Shareholder enrichment

Know your investors like never before with the Investor Relationship Management tool.

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"I am impressed on how easy it is to view data and the simplicity of the layout and detail it provides."

Zeff Reeves | Managing Director of
Tesoro Gold
Isn't this what my registry does?

Most registries provide this data in a raw format (e.g. csv file), but this can be difficult to analyse and interpret. Amplify combines your registry data with Investor Hub data, analyses it to find the critical insights, and then delivers them to your account.

Can I export the data?

Yes, you can export investor information and summary data.

What risk does this pose to data security?

We are committed to protecting your privacy in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act), which includes the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs). You can view our full privacy policy here and our data security FAQs here.