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Convert investor attention into buy orders

With an Investor Hub, your investor centre is transformed into a community of shareholders and prospective investors, allowing your team to increase shareholder conviction and drive new investor demand.
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A simple way to acquire more shareholders

The way investors research and communicate has changed, but your investor centre hasn't. Investor Hubs are an effective way to reach and engage existing shareholders and prospective investors.


Build your investor email list


Identify high net worth & sophisticated investors


Engage more investors through interactive media


Simple and quick setup & integration

Communications that increase demand

Your Investor Hub transforms static announcements and releases into media that increases investor reach and engagement.

Whether it is an ASX announcement, press release, investor presentation, or podcast appearance, the Investor Hub makes it possible to turn a boring PDF into highly engaging investor content that turns investor attention into demand.

Personalise your message

Your investors are all different, so why communicate with them in the same way? The Investor Hub makes it possible to tailor investor communications to maximise reach and engagement.

Welcome new investors, prevent investor selloffs before they happen, reach and engage high net worth investors, target institutional investors, and create retail-specific campaigns. With Fresh Amplify, it's easy to increase investor demand through tailored investor campaigns.

Like an investor centre, except investors actually use it

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Integrates with your website

The Investor Hub is very easy to set up and can be done within a matter of hours. The Amplify Customer Success team is also on-hand to make things easy.

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Captures investor emails

On average, companies have just 30% of their shareholders' emails. Investor Hubs increase this number on average, by 5% per annum.

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Grows your registry

By offering personalised and interactive investor experiences, the Investor Hub is a high-impact way of growing your shareholder base.

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"For the first time, a platform has allowed me as CEO to interact, communicate and market to my own shareholders in a simple & easy to use way.

I am very impressed with the product and have recommended it to other CEOs"

Iggy Tan | Managing Director of
Altech Chemicals
Is this different to my investor centre?

The Investor Hub can replace your investor centre, but it doesn't have to. Some companies choose to integrate their Hub into their investor centre. We recommend prioritising the Investor Hub, as it enables you to capture investor emails and communicate with investors more easily than traditional investor centres allow.

Can I use Amplify without a Investor Hub?

We recommend setting up your Investor Hub, as it maximises your investor engagement potential and improves your investor communications and demand generation efforts.

That said, there are still many benefits of using Amplify that you can experience without an Investor Hub.

How secure is the data?

Amplify is a highly secure product. For more information about security and privacy, click here.