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Personalised campaigns at the click of a button

Amplify makes it easy to send targeted, personalised, and cost-effective investor campaigns that increase shareholder conviction and build new investor demand.
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Send targeted communications

Amplify takes care of shareholder analysis, segmentation, and communications, making it easy to send targeted and personalised digital and postal campaigns.


Segment your shareholders


Personalise email and postal campaigns


Create scheduled and automated workflows

Automated investor experiences

New investors should receive more than a letter from your registry. With automated onboarding, Amplify captures your new investors' email addresses whilst providing them with a personalised onboarding experience.

Build personal connections at-scale

The Investor Hub on Amplify allows issuers to communicate via a dedicated channel between management and investors.

The ultimate game-changer in investor marketing, the Amplify Q&A system makes it possible to build strong relations with investors via one-on-one conversations.

Investor communications that won't end up in the bin

shareholder demand

Segments & analyses your registry

Segment your investors based on their financial position, holding size, trading behaviour, holding length, location, or investor classification!

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Personalised campaigns done simply

Stop treating every investor the same. With Amplify, it's easy to deliver personalised communications that are hyper-relevant to each investor.

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A dedicated one-on-one channel

Have high-impact conversations with your investors without sacrificing your calendar with the Amplify Q&A system.

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"We have already announced our ESG Report on this platform, and plan to further open the lines of communication by uploading video interviews, articles, and other content that speaks directly to our shareholders and potential investors.

We believe that this kind of direct engagement will significantly improve ORCODA’s efforts in building strong relationships with key stakeholders"

Geoff Jamieson | Managing Director of
Do I need additional services?

Fresh Amplify does not require the use of other tools or services in order to work to its full potential. Once you have set up your Investor Hub and connected your registry, the personalised communications features are ready to go!

Can I still use mail?

Yes! Amplify allows you to send personalised letters and postcards to investors. We can even link your postcards to your Investor Hub to increase the percentage of shareholder emails you own.

Can I export the data?

Yes, you can export investor details and campaign results for further analysis, reporting, or actions.

Can I create my own segments?

Yes, you can create custom segments within your investor audience to suit your preferences.