5 Tips For Making The Most Of Email For Company Announcements

Adrian Lee
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5 Tips for Making the Most of Email for Company Announcements

An email is a powerful tool for distributing company announcements and keeping investors informed. Here are the five top tips for making the most of email in this context:

#1 Timing Is Everything

The timing of an email can make or break its impact. It's important to send announcements at a time when investors are most likely to be checking their inboxes. Consider sending announcements when investors are most likely to check them, typically earlier in the day through to the afternoon, while avoiding late evenings and the weekend.

Emails sent from 9 am to 12 pm on weekdays have the highest engagement rate (Hubspot)

#2 Keep It Short And Sweet

Investors are busy people, and they don't want to waste time reading lengthy emails. Keep your announcements brief and to the point, focusing on the most important information. Use bullet points or subheadings to make the information easy to digest. Focus on what the investor gains from reading your email, and not how much content you can deliver.

Even more importantly, simpler emails have substantially higher deliverability rates which impact whether investors receive your email in the first place.

Emails with simple designs have a higher deliverability rate than those with complex designs (too many images) (CampaignMonitor)

#3 Make It Visually Appealing

People are naturally drawn to visually appealing content. Use images, charts, and graphs to help convey your message and make your announcements more engaging for investors. Don't go crazy with your designs, but simply enhance areas of your email that are otherwise bland and uninformative.

As they say, a picture's worth a thousand words. It just needs to be the right image.

Visually appealing emails have a significant impact on how frequently investors click through to your desired announcement (CampaignMonitor)

#4 Personalise Your Emails

Personalising your emails can help increase engagement and build trust with your investors. Consider using the investor's name in the subject line or greeting or including a personalised message in the body of the email. Something simple can result in a noticeable impact when it comes to your investor's engagement.

Personalised emails have a 26% higher open rate compared to generic emails (CampaignMonitor)

#5 Measure Your Success

Finally, it's important to measure the success of your email announcements. Track open and click-through rates, and use this data to optimise your email strategy. Apply your learnings from each campaign to the next, and watch your engagement rates rise as you hone in on what makes your investors tick.

Companies that track the success of their email announcements can benchmark against industry standards to rapidly iterate (Mailchimp)

Putting These Into Practice With Fresh Amplify

You can apply all 5 tips using our Email Campaigns feature on Amplify which you can learn more about here.

By following these tips, companies that distribute announcements via email can see an average increase in investor engagement in their announcements by 83%. Make the most of this powerful tool with Fresh Amplify and keep your investors informed, engaged, and invested.

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