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Protect your company against unnecessary dilution and raise more capital from sticky investors
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Capital without the selloff

With Fresh, you can reliably raise capital from sticky investors via smart allocation and effective distribution.


Identify S708s and high net worth shareholders


Prioritise verified holders & buyers


Derisk selloffs by identifying short-term traders

Sticky investors

Placements bring in new investors, but they can also attract a significant amount of short-term traders. Mitigate the risk of post-raise selloffs by raising capital from verified sticky investors.

Reduce the cost

With no transaction fees, the cost of Fresh can be significantly lower than using a broker or investment bank. Even if you choose a broker to raise some of your required capital, the cost of capital is significantly cheaper when you use Fresh.

Engage your entire shareholder base

Predict capital raise outcomes

Know how your capital raise will perform prior to running it with our accurate prediction engine.

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Investor hub

Bring the online investor community into your control with a customisable Investor Hub that enables you to engage with verified shareholders digitally.

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Interactive announcements

Increase the level of engagement on the communications assets that are most-trusted by your shareholders.

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Fresh Amplify gave us a deeper understanding of our shareholder base at scale and was able to show us, through data and evidence, that we could raise the required funds solely through a shareholder offer.  

Their technology made it easier to communicate with our shareholders en masse, answering their questions as well as optimising allocations as the result of oversubscriptions.

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Race Oncology
No fees... What's the catch?

No catch. As long as you remain a paying customer of Fresh, then you don’t have to pay transaction fees on any capital raises that you run through the platform.

If you choose to raise capital through a broker, then you will be required to adhere to their payment terms.

Can I influence allocation
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Yes. Whilst our platform provides recommendations based on shareholder behavioural analysis, you have complete control over allocation.

Can I still use a broker or investment bank?
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Absolutely. Fresh is designed to be complementary to the services of brokers and banks.

Isn't it cheaper to run a placement?
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It may be, but in many cases it is cheaper to use Fresh to run your own raise, even if you’re combining an SPP through Fresh with a placement through a broker.

Will shareholders participate in a Fresh raise?
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Yes! The technology used to raise capital is actually much easier for shareholders than traditional raising processes. Combined with a credible team, the act of raising capital through Fresh can be just as a refreshing experience for investors and it is for issuers.

What if I don't raise the required capital?
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We understand that a failure to raise capital can have strongly negative consequences, which is why we don’t promote our solution lightly. The prediction engine provides a very accurate estimate of your potential raise outcomes, and errs on the side of caution, to ensure that worse case scenarios are factored into the model.