Tools that make it easier to reach and engage your shareholders and measurably improve demand
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Nurture and grow shareholders

Fresh gives you the tools to increase shareholder conviction, reduce sell-offs, and increase overall demand.


Uplifted shareholder onboarding


Increased shareholder reachability


Tools to personalise shareholder engagement

Increase engagement

The two most trusted sources of information for investors are your annual report and ASX announcements. Fresh uplifts both these assets with embedded two-way conversations through interactive announcements, reports, videos and surveys.

Optimise shareholder

A Fresh Investor Hub syndicates your in-market presence and acts as a centralised portal for existing & prospective shareholders. Unlike an investor centre, the Hub enables you to track & directly engage with verified shareholders & s708s.

High-impact engagement for every shareholder

Better shareholder onboarding

First impressions matter and your shareholder experience is no different. Increase shareholder conviction and understanding with better onboarding

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Investor hub

Bring the online investor community into your control with a customisable Investor Hub that enables you to engage with verified shareholders digitally.

Click here to see a list of current Investor Hubs.

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Interactive announcements

Increase the level of engagement on the communications assets that are most-trusted by your shareholders.

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For the first time, a platform has allowed me as CEO to interact, communicate and market to my own shareholders in a simple & easy to use way.

I am very impressed with the product and have recommended it to other CEOs.

Iggy Tan | Managing Director of
Altech Chemicals
What is the difference between an Investor Hub and an Investor Centre?

An Investor Centre is typically a non-interactive page or set of pages on your website. The Investor Hub, by contrast, is designed to enable shareholders to interact with your company and announcements. By validating existing shareholders and identifying prospective shareholders, we give you more control over your capital markets strategic execution.

Will I have to replace my Investor Centre?
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The Investor hub replicated the functionality and features of most investor centres, and can even be integrated with your website relatively seamlessly, but it doesn’t have to. You can choose to keep your existing Investor Centre and the hub will remain effective.

Does Fresh automate shareholder engagement?
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Whilst some specific parts are automated, the majority of the “Demand Growth” features require action. For most companies, the required amount of time spent on Demand Growth is approximately one hour per month.

How much customisation can I do?
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The Investor Hub’s customisation is limited to text, images, videos, and colours. Structural changes to the Hub are not permitted at this time, though they may be available in the future.

What if my base doesn't grow?
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We have a series of “playbooks” that can help you maximise your shareholder demand growth. Your personal customer success manager is also on hand to help you get the most of the tools in order to diagnose and resolve any underlying blockers to growth.

Can I still use IR/PR?
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Yes! In fact, your IR/ PR team can use Fresh to maximise their impact. Fresh is to IR/PR what Xero is to accountants and bookkeepers- a tool to increase impact and efficiency.