A community for ASX companies

Fresh is building a community for representatives from ASX-listed companies who recognise the growing importance of retail shareholders on share price, capital raise outcomes, and overall business strategy.

The influence of retail investors is rapidly rising, and many companies are struggling to meet the unique needs of a newly-empowered retail shareholder base.

This community is designed to provide issuers with insights, strategies, and support so that members can not only overcome the challenges posed by retail shareholders, but capitalise on the unique opportunity that is presented.

Where there is disruption, there is growth. Join the community to stay ahead of the curve and take control of the opportunity that the rising influence of retail presents.

What are the perks?

  • Forever free: we do not charge issuers to join the community, nor do we sell your data or advertising
  • ASX representatives only: the community is vetted to ensure only representatives of ASX companies are members
  • Bi-weekly articles: We distil the latest reports, insights, and perspectives into two weekly articles that keep you ahead of the curve
  • Exclusive events: Meet with fellow issuers and special guests to gain insight and perspective at exclusive Fresh events
  • Get in front of new investors: Get your message in front of 10,000+ prospective investors via the Chairman's List
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