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Fresh Amplify empowers issuers to adopt a data-driven capital markets strategy.

The rise in retail shareholders is a phenomenon that issuers around the world have experienced, with an increase of approximately 7% per annum experienced over the past 6 years. Retail investors are more likely to be influenced by other investors, perform less due diligence on investments, and use a broader variety of channels to engage with investment information1. The influence of retail now cannot be ignored: retail traders make up 80% of the average issuer’s trading volume.

This rise in retail investor quantity has caused the scope and complexity of capital markets strategy to increase. In order to effectively reach and engage investors in the 21st century, a data-driven approach from issuers is required.

Fresh Amplify is a Capital Markets Management System that uses data to provide issuers with (1) the insights to help them understand existing and potential shareholders, (2) the tools to reach and engage the market more effectively, and (3) the ability to raise capital from verified sticky investors.

Management loves Fresh Amplify because it gives them the insights to make better capital markets decisions. Our proprietary modelling tool allows management to identify shareholders before they sell and identify relevant new shareholders for acquisition.

Boards love Fresh Amplify because it provides an unprecedented level of insight into a company’s shareholder and capital markets health. We allow boards to properly track and measure the capital markets health of the company and understand the reasons behind share price movement.

Take control of your capital markets strategy with Fresh Amplify, the world’s first Capital Markets Management System.

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